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From the Shore


In a small town on the Mediterranean coast, a group of locals fights against the urban planning
abuses of the local authorities by publishing a handmade newspaper. In its pages they inform locals
and denounce corruption, writing a story of resistance in the heart of a community divided around the
choice of alternative development models.


In Cap i Corp, a tiny village on the Spanish coast of Castellón (Spain), a small group of locals led by
Juan have resisted against massive construction plans, urban planning abuses and deeply rooted
corruption brought upon their community by years of wild construction boom and easy money. They
have succeeded in stopping a massive development project that threatened to change the face of their
community forever, mainly thanks to a home-made newspaper, the Anem Anant.

In the back yard of Juan’s house, this guerrilla editorial staff formed by a motley crew of citizens (an
enduring activist, a retired artist, a young incorruptible civil servant and other locals), meet to put
together a scissors-and-scotch newspaper that is printed and delivered door to door during the night.
The Anem Anant has informed the locals about irregularities and abuses that would otherwise have
gone unnoticed, as this kind of news would not be published by the conventional press. The
newspaper has caused social tension in the village, and the editors have been attacked and
threatened by some of the community members interested in the easy money that residential
development on the shore can bring.

Just a few miles away, Oropesa stands as a symbol of the destruction of the Mediterranean
coast, a disproportionate holiday city now agonizing in the attempt to sell thousands of empty
apartments. This kind of macro resort by the coast hosts thousands of happy owners fulfilling the
dream of enjoying an apartment on the shore after a life of hard work and sacrifice. Juan documents
for the newspaper the ruinous landscape left behind by abandoned projects of golf resorts on the
shore, and also provides advice to owners of illegally built apartments who are suffering from the lack
of basic services.

The civil resistance of a few locals has saved Cap i Corp from the effects of massive development
and has created a chance for sustainable development.

For the moment.

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